Make Me Bridal is a premium membership platform for make up artists in the UK, providing them with a platform to promote their services, a flexible bookings system to keep their diaries organised and an automated review system to keep adding to their profiles after their work is done.

The aim is also to streamline the bride’s searching for an artist by having them fill out one enquiry form and sending out the enquiry to all theĀ artists in the area, giving the bride the opportunity to sit back and wait for artists to get in contact via the in internal user messaging system.

Below is a basic breakdown of theĀ features and tools used for Make Me Bridal.

  • Laravel 6
  • Digital Ocean
  • Laravel Forge
  • Amazon S3
  • Subscriptions with Stripe and Laravel Cashier
  • Instagram Oath Integration for Artist profiles
  • User role system
  • Referral system
  • Bespoke internal user messaging system
  • Professional profiles with the ability to add a portfolio, FAQ’s, price list, reviews and more.
  • Automated review system using cron jobs and Laravel’s task scheduler.
  • Bookings system with the ability to add quote items to the booking, automatically calculate the mileage using the Google Maps Distance Matrix API, add to-do lists, notes and images to notes and more.
  • Admin dashboard/tools.